Our Approach

As part of a full-service community schools strategy, Elev8 Baltimore provides out-of-school time opportunities and coordinates school-based health services, resources, support and outreach for families in Baltimore.

By partnering with schools and the surrounding community, our goal is to make sure that every student is ready to succeed in high school and beyond.

Full Service Community Schools Approach

Elev8 Baltimore believes that it is important to reinforce the learning that goes on in classrooms with opportunities to learn during after- and summer-school programs. In addition, many young people need social services and other community resources.

We integrate all those services into one dynamic program inside the school building, where many young people spend a considerable amount of time.

By coordinating the delivery of learning, health and family engagement services students and families receive, we are more likely to foster lasting change in the lives of young people, and the systems that support them, than if we provided any one service in isolation.

Focus on Middle Grades

Middle grade years are a key pivot point for many young people, with some on a pathway to graduation, while others are at risk of dropping out. Because this age group faces so many challenges, Elev8 Baltimore is designed to address as many of these needs as possible through a coordinated effort that takes into account every aspect of their lives.

Research reveals that students who successfully transition to and complete ninth grade have a greater chance of graduating from high school.

Elev8 Baltimore prepares students for this critical transition and offers support to meet their learning, health and family needs.

Focus on Neighborhoods

By focusing on a set of schools, Elev8 Baltimore is able to increase the impact we have on families and the community.

Elev8 Baltimore builds on and coordinates existing community assets to meet the needs of students and their caregivers in Cherry Hill, Middle East and Sandtown-Winchester.



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